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About Us

Family Owned & Operated.

#1945Chas Hello, customers and family. Many of you know us for our delicious Korean food ,

and breakfast tacos!
However, Chas Market & Kitchen has changed a lot over the years. 
Officer Martinez stopped by one day and shared this photo of CHAS from 1945!!!

He told us how his father worked at Chas Market from 1945 until 1975. 
In the photo, you can recognize our building. Still untact in the same location here on 
1431 N. Pine, San Antonio.

The original owner Charles De Leon and his wife, are in the photo on the right. 
Mr. and Mrs. De Leon always held yearly Christmas parties for their workers and 
family members. 


The current owners, Korean immigrants, Mr. and Mrs. Kim bought the supermarket
from Charles and his family in 1982 and have strived to
keep this location open for the past 40 years!

A lot has changed over the years, the taco stand in the corner is now one of the main reasons

we are still open today!
Also, Mrs. Kim's personal homemade Korean food and side dishes have been r

eceived with love by San Antonio residents and customers.

The Kim family always remembers the De Leon family and are thankful to this day.

Chas remembers the rich history of this location and always appreciates
the support of the community.

We are all going through a tough crisis and we hope
to continue to serve our city and community
in this same location for years to come.

Thank you Officer Martinez for sharing with us our history
through this photo.

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